What is Tune Protect Travel Insurance by AirAsia?
Why Buy Tune Protect Travel Insurance by AirAsia?
How To Buy Tune Protect Travel Insurance by AirAsia?
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But you know you're not; certain things happen when you least expect
them. Be prepared and cover all your bases before you catch a case of
the I-never-thought-this-can-happen or I-didn't-see-it-coming.

You Want to
Travel Light
We don't mean your baggage,
but rather your mind. With Tune Protect Travel Insurance by AirAsia, you can stop thinking about that gaping hole in your pocket due to lost baggage, flight delays or medical expenses.
You Love a
Sweet Deal
That means on board and on ground. Whether it's before you board, while you're thousands of feet in the air and after you've landed, we've got it all covered.
Your Back's
Covered, Everywhere
Tune Protect Travel Insurance by AirAsia offers bigger coverage at a smaller price tag to make it a lot more affordable for you to get the protection you and your loved ones deserve. Sweet!
You Ain't Got
Time to Waste
We provide 24 hours Worldwide Travel Assistance Services so you don't have to wait when you need a helping hand. Whatever the time may be (yes, even at 3 in the morning), help is just a ring away.
You Like
it Easy
When it comes to submitting a claim and even buying our protection plans, they're all online! That also means you can do it anytime and anywhere.
clear_mess_thumbnail We clear your mess
When life gets a little sticky – we have your back.
got_question_thumbnail Got a question?
Need help with your claim submission or getting
your Certificate of Insurance? Just shoot.