Policy Wording

Tune Protect Travel Insurance by AirAsia is exclusively
designed to offer peace of mind for guests who have purchased
a one-way or return flight from AirAsia Berhad or
AirAsia X Sdn Bhd online on

This plan is underwritten by ACE Insurance Limited.

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Benefits Summary of Cover Asia/NZ/South Pacific Plan - Limits of Cover
1 .Loss of Deposits and Cancellation Charges
Travel Agent's Cancellation Fee(sub limit)(please refer to Section 1)
Cover for the non-refundable unused portion of Your travel costs if Your One Way Trip is cancelled or unable to be completed due to unforeseen circumstances. Unlimited

Lesser of AUD750 or 15% of the refundable amount
2. Luggage and Travel Documents

2.1 Loss, Theft or Damage

(a) Item Limit (each item)
(b) Video & Electrical Equipment (sub limit)
2.1 Cover for lost, stolen or damaged luggage. AUD3,000


2.2 Delayed Luggage Allowance
(a) More than 48 hours (sub limit)
(b) More than 72 hours (sub limit)
(please refer to Section 2)
2.2 Cover for the cost of essential emergency purchases if Your luggage is delayed by a Transport Provider. AUD250

3. Accidental Loss of Life & Permanent Loss

Maximum amount for Infant Children:
(a) Accidental Loss of Life
(b) Permanent Loss (please refer to Section 3)
Cover for Your Accidental Loss of Life or Permanent Loss if You die or suffer Permanent Loss of sight or limb due to an Accidental Injury sustained during Your One Way Trip (payable to Your estate in the event of Your death) AUD30,000

The excess is the first amount of each claim which You must bear. We do not pay for this amount. The Policy excess is AUD250.
General Advice Warning
ACE Insurance Limited ABN 23 001 642 020 AFSL No. 239687 (ACE) insures this product. AirAsia X BHD and PT Indonesia AirAsia (AirAsia) promote this product. ACE and AirAsia provide general advice only and do not consider your objective, financial situation or needs. To decide if this product is right for you, please read the Tune Protect Travel Insurance by AirAsia Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Service Guide (FSG).
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