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1. Who provides my AirAsia Insure Travel Protection insurance cover?
AirAsia Insure Travel Protection is especially designed by AirAsia through Krungthai Panich Insurance Public Co., Ltd with your needs in mind.

2. What is my insurance coverage under the AirAsia Insure Travel Protection program?

Your coverage shall include the following if you are an AirAsia or AirAsia Guest traveling under the AirAsia Insure Travel Protection:

Personal accident, trip cancellation/ curtailment, flight delay, loss or damage of baggage and personal effects, accidental medical reimbursement and evacuation/ repatriation expenses.*

* Coverage varies depending on your plan. Please consult the AirAsia Insure Travel Insurance Product Description and Policy Wording for a full description of the terms, conditions and exclusions of cover.

3. Does AirAsia Insure Travel Protection enforce an age limit?
Yes, the Guest must be at least 9 days old and not exceed 75 years of age to qualify for AirAsia Insure Travel Protection.

4. Do I need a medical examination to apply for any of the AirAsia Insure Travel Insurance policies?
No. A medical examination is not required. However, please note that claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions are excluded under AirAsia Insure Travel Insurance. Please see FAQ 1.5 for more information.

5. Can I still buy AirAsia Insure Travel Protection if I have a Pre-existing Condition?
Yes. "Pre-existing Condition" refers to any disease (and complications), symptom or disorder suffered by the Insured within a 24-month period preceding the effective date of the Policy which would cause an ordinary prudent person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment or cause a Physician to provide diagnosis, care or treatment.

6. Can I pay extra to cover pre-existing medical conditions?
No, there is no option to pay extra to obtain cover for pre-existing medical conditions under the AirAsia Insure Travel Insurance policies.

7. Can I amend my AirAsia Insure Travel Protection?
The AirAsia Insure Travel Protection cannot be changed once your Certificate of Insurance is issued even if you are postponing or extending your trip.

8. Can I cancel my AirAsia Insure Travel protection?
You may not cancel your AirAsia Insure Travel Protection.

9. Is AirAsia Insure Travel Protection premium refundable?
AirAsia Insure Travel Protection premium is non-refundable.

10. Do I have to carry a copy of my Certificate of Insurance with me when traveling?
No, you don't need to carry a copy of your Certificate of Insurance.

11. Am I required to carry any additional documents to proof my purchase when I am traveling?
No, your purchase confirmation is printed at the bottom of your AirAsia Itinerary.

12. Where should I indicate my nominee for receiving benefits?
You don't need to indicate a nominee for your AirAsia Insure policy! Flight or Personal Accident benefits paid due to a fatal accident will be made to the estate of the Insured while other benefits are paid directly to the Insured.

13. What happens to my AirAsia Insure Return Travel Protection if AirAsia reschedules my Return Flight to a later date?
Your AirAsia Insure Travel Protection Return-Trip Plan is automatically extended to cover you up to a maximum of 3 days if your Return Flight is rescheduled by AirAsia to a later date.

14. How can I differentiate the AirAsia Insure Travel Protection plan that I have purchased?
A: Your AirAsia Insure Travel Protection plan is based on your paid premium.

Plan Type Rate (Online) Premium
AirAsia Insure One-Way Domestic THB 94.20
AirAsia Insure One-Way Worldwide THB 110.00
AirAsia Insure Return-Trip Domestic THB 281.40
AirAsia Insure Return-Trip Worldwide THB 299.00

15. How do I derive the cost per person for AirAsia Insure Travel Protection if my purchase of the Travel Protection is for more than one person under the same Travel Itinerary?
You may calculate the cost per person as follows: (Total Premium) * divided by (Number of Persons) **

* Please refer to your Travel Itinerary
** Subject to Age Limit Condition i.e. must be at least 9 days old and not exceeding 75 years of age.

16. Where can I obtain the full terms and conditions of my AirAsia Insure Travel Protection?
The Full Terms and Conditions of your AirAsia Insure Travel Protection can be found in our Policy Wording and Benefits section respectively.

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